Marketing Research Company Website

I maintained and updated the company website for including monitoring the site with Google Analytics and adding support for customer management through Vertical Response.

novaQuant webpage screenshot

I also take full responsibility for making the above site content invisible for anyone that does not have JavaScript enabled. I know better now, but I didn’t know then – I’m learning. So why haven’t I gone back and changed it? You know the drill. Moved on to working on moving to a new style within a LifeRay system and it didn’t seem right to waste time fixing the old system, but now it prevails, as the new was discontinued. Anyways, I’ve included a few screenshots of some sample designs I put together for that project and revisiting this site from an accessibility perspective may just be the subject of a future post.

Lesson learned: “Do it right the first time or it may never be done right.”

Simple Layout - novaQuant theme

Simple Layout a novaQuant theme using bold versions of the company colors

novaQuant theme - Light Shadow Colors

Another sample novaQuant theme using lighter colors

novaQuant theme - Horizontal Bar screenshot

This theme uses a horizontal bar to display client testimonials on every page.

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