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SIGARCH website

My husband happens to be the SIGARCH information director. As information director, he is in charge of keeping the website up-to-date and sending out a periodic mass email including all events and news items in the computer architecture realm. He wanted to improve on the existing bare-bones static HTML site by moving it to a more dynamic and up-to-date CMS-based site and automating the mass email process as much as possible. He asked for my help to do so – i.e. he asked me to do it all.

ACM hosts Plone sites, so I picked up a book and learned what I could about Plone. I put together a basic theme for the site and then integrated the PloneFormGen component in order to allow outside visitors to enter the SIGARCH news and event information through the website, automatically email the information director the contents, and create a new news or event item on the site upon the information director’s approval. You can check out the results through the screenshot link below.

I would love comments on the usability of the form. I’m most concerned about the “80” character width requirement on the description which my husband requested in order to maintain readable email messages. It makes sense from the usability perspective of the mass email recipient, but is not a friendly (i.e. Amity) way to populate the submission form.

SIGARCH screenshot

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