On-line Survey Templates

novaQuant.com On-line Survey Demo

The aim of this project was to create reusable and customizable question types that would increase respondent engagement in clients’ surveys. To accomplish this goal, I jointly developed a series of question templates within the Sawtooth Software SSI software using standards-based CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This project involved styling generated HTML/JavaScript code with little control over the DOCTYPE or generated HTML syntax, so I had to stick to standards as much as possible within a surrounding table-based layout. Future generations of the Sawtooth software became more web standards compliant, allowing our templates to move outside of the table layout.

novaQuant.com survey template screenshot

Above is a small screenshot of one of the question templates I put together for novaQuant – the Click to Select – Images. It provides a template that allows for a variable (and/or random) number of images to be displayed. It automatically calculates the required column and row counts. The selectable images are displayed in the background of each div and a check-mark image is overlaid to signify selection on click. The question also fully supports keyboard interaction for those users that prefer to work without the mouse.

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