WordPress Customization for Small Business

I recently added some customization to a client’s WordPress site to improve the presentation and accessibility of the site’s data. The final page needed to allow a large set of data to be filterable and easy to view for customers. The interface for adding new data to the site also needed to be user-friendly and work within the regular WordPress processes.

I was able to use some of WordPress’s new features for version 3.0 to create a new “post” type for the site data and to filter these new types based on their taxonomy values. This made the interface to add a new data entry as easy as adding a new post and setting the entry’s filterable settings as easy as clicking a few check boxes.

This project also involved working within the client’s existing theme to modify the style sheets and add in some custom page templates in order to support the new post type and display.

The resultant page is shown below:

Donor Filtering Page

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